Current Trends // Floral Embroidery

One of 2017's best trends so far has been floral embroidery. I don't know about anyone else, but this trend was one I was happy to see come back around. I've collected a few of my favorite picks here that showcase this trend.


When it comes to the floral embroidery trend, embroidered jeans are the most popular. 

This light wash pair from Kut from the Kloth is definitely a favorite. 

floral denim

 If the more feminine style isn't your thing, this pair is a darker wash with darker colored rose embroidery. They are from Charlotte Russe and extremely affordable!

 Jeans are great for all year round but sometimes the summer heat calls for shorts. These floral denim shorts from Lulu's are too cute for words and I am really digging the pink.

floral shorts

 Another fantastic trend lately is floral embroidered denim jackets. We have an adorable one that just arrived in the shop, find it here.

 What are your favorite looks with the floral embroidery trend? Feel free to share in the comments!

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